Lighting Control Systems

Switches, Dimmers, and Keypads

Use basic controls like switches and dimmers to control lighting, or try out programmed keypads to control lighting, sound, video, and more. However, even something as basic as a light switch can be programmed to do multiple things and run automated tasks. You can customize the lighting and keypads for countless scenarios and navigation. Lighting scenes, for example, are a popular way to use keypads. Just assign a lighting scene to a button. GTS can help you create lighting scenes, you can create them yourself, or you can create your own scenes on a touchscreen or with the on-screen Navigator. You can also use switches, dimmers, and keypads to control lights and lighting scenes. Wireless switches and dimmers can control the light load directly, just like a standard light switch or dimmer. But the buttons on all switches, dimmers, and keypads can also be programmed to control any combination of lights, audio/video devices, blinds, gates, and security settings. 

Panelized Lighting

Also known as centralized lighting, Panelized Lighting is a variation on the typical line-voltage infrastructure, which has been used in homes and businesses for years . Panelized lighting utilizes a centralized/star wiring configuration, where circuits from the breaker box are routed first to a centrally-located enclosure (panel), which houses dimmer, relay, and other system control modules. From there, the switched/dimmed circuits are routed directly to the loads . Control of loads in a panelized lighting system is achieved with low-voltage keypads, located in key areas throughout the home or business. Low voltage cabling and keypads are typically installed by GTS.


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