Glabman Technology Solutions is a Southern California Home Automation company that is passionate about giving you a home that fits how you live, work and entertain. We make your home smarter and easier to use. Here at GTS we provide you with the control you've always dreamed of. We'll make your home do more, be more energy efficient, provide better security and make your life easier and more enjoyable. Currently, most homes are lagging behind the technical advances being made. Homes need to catch up with our lives. Our trusted technology will provide control over your home that makes your technology easier to use. We'll give you more control of things like lights, temperature and security over your smart phone or tablet.


Our ultimate goal is to create magic in your home. Movies, sports and music are an important part of transforming our daily life into a more enjoyable experience and function as focal points for social gatherings. At GTS we ensure that you home entertainment is done right. Our integration provides flawless picture, amazing sound quality, and the lights dim automatically when you push play. Music travels with you into every room, providing the soundtrack to your life or setting the perfect background for entertaining.
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