About Us:

Glabman Technology Solutions (GTS) is a systems integrator located in Orange County, CA that focuses on improving technology that impacts your daily life. We specialize in audio visual, home automation, surveillance, and alarm . We are experts in integrating technology into homes and commercial buildings. Additionally, we pride ourselves in making technology work seamlessly in residential and business environments. We promise to deliver reliable communications and stellar visual systems. Our services are competitively priced and clients select us because we deliver solutions that meet their expectations.

Our Process:

This all starts with a simple process. By choosing GTS for your home Integration needs, you will experience the pleasure of working with a professional team that is dedicated to installing and maintaining a quality system that performs and responds specifically to your individual needs. We work on many types of projects including custom homes, remodels and upgrades to existing systems. We can work hand in hand with you, your architect, general contractor, or designer to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Step 1: Personal Consultation
• Perform a site visit (existing homes) so we can see the current equipment and home layout.
• Review architectural plans (for new custom homes or major remodels).
• As we clarify your vision we will give you options and ideas of what can be done with your home.

Step 2: System Design
• Put together a system design that is customized for your needs.
• Present preliminary proposal.
• Help with the cost/benefit decision making as needed by adjusting the design to meet your budget.
• Finalize the project parameters.

Step 3: Installation
• Pre-Wire-Trim-Final wiring (new custom homes and major remodels)
• Install all parts and equipment.
• Finalize custom programming as needed and test.
• Train homeowner for simple and intuitive use of the system.

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